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The spanking machine for couples or singles

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This revolutionary spanking machine lets you punish or please around the world of spanking.
It can easily be positioned horizontally or vertically, depending on how you want to play.

Its programmer lets you control the duration continuously or randomly.

The power of the spanking can be adjusted on 10 levels, from very solft to strong.

The timer lets you control spanking or other games from 0 to 5 minutes.

In random mode, you'll never know how many smacks you'll get or when they'll happen.

WHAT ACCESSORIES SHOULD YOU USE for the spanking machine?
Small paddle, straight stick, wooden spoon, .... maximum 120 grams.

The thinner the tool, the more it will sting and make marks. We strongly recommend that you gradually build up the power of the rod or spoon, as it can be really scathing!


For solitary spanking fun


For cuntbusting (female CBT)

To massage the chest

For self-bondage, it can be combined with your own scenarios.

Initially, we bought one so that single guests coming to the B&B could have fun spanking. When the spanking machine arrived, we tried it out. To try it was to adopt it! ! !

In fact, we loved it, contrary to our preconceived ideas: "why do it when you're a couple"? It has become one of our favourite instruments for games of chance with our gambling friends.

Imagine this game with your friends

Take it in turns to roll the dice. The highest number will receive the spanking for the number of minutes indicated by the die. A second throw defines the power from 1 to 6 (the machine goes up to 10, but 6 is already very good).

See the (humorous) video of the fetish bed and breakfast (It was our first test, there have been many others^^^)

See the tutorial for this spanking machine on youtube